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(Flushing House)

39-16 Prince St,
Unit G01,
Flushing, NY  11354


Brief Description:
SzechuanOpera (Flushing House) is a food and beverage brand focusing on Chinese Sichuan cuisine, which combines carefully curated gastronomic experiences with excellent dining services. SzechuanOpera (Flushing House) offers New York customers a special dining experience around the clock, featuring private cuisine. The opening hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. We serve lunch and dinner focusing on delicious Szechuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Min cuisine, and other specialties of major Chinese cuisines. Our main consumption characteristics include private cuisine and hot pot.

SzechuanOpera (Flushing House) is also the first choice for mid-to-high-end dining consumption in New York, creating a unique dining experience for customers. The elegant and chic dining environment, private rooms and halls, calligraphy and painting masterpieces reflect the classical Chinese decoration style, allowing you to feel the comfort of "high mountains and flowing water to find acquaintances" and "books to meet confidants" during banqueting and gathering. With 5 private dining rooms and 80 lobby seats, all guests will enjoy our premium private chef service, perfect for business dinners and family gatherings.


Background Story:
The first house of Szechuan Opera opened in Rochester back in 2019 as a sister brand to Red Chili, located in Syracuse. The restaurant expanded its interior in 2021, providing more seating for customers and eventually implementing hotpot. The name Szechuan Opera or “川谱” can be broken down. The caricature “川” comes from “四川” which is the word for the region of Sichuan. The caricature “谱” comes from “脸谱” referring to the mask worn by performers during a show. Chinese operas are a traditional performance that has been engraved into Chinese culture. It has been performed for centuries for an audience ranging from the common people of China to the royal emperors.

Services Offered:

Dine-in: yes
Take-out: yes
Delivery: only through services such as doordash, grub hub, ubereats, or hungry panda
Catering: yes
Any other services: none


Monday to Friday: 11:00AM-11:30PM

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Szechuan Opera food


We have a wide range of meals, from vegetarian to meat lover’s. Our tasty food is served in a pleasant atmosphere.



You can discover wines, cocktails, and spirits in the pleasant atmosphere of our lounge bars.

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